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Facebook Marketing: How to Engage Facebook Fans?

How are you engaging your Facebook fans?
Do you have exclusive strategies for them?
You need to be. You need to treat your Facebook fans like your existing customers. You really have to value them to make them happy, active and responsive on your fan page. You need to make them a part of your marketing strategy to convert them in to your loyal customers.
I have often seen marketers ignoring the values of their Facebook fans. “They are just fans and I am not getting any monetary benefit from them”, this kinds of comments are very common for this kind of marketers. Hence, they totally ignore their value.
I am a big fan of customer engagement and I always like to write any topic that deals with customer engagement. In social media, Facebook page is one of the ideal place to generate stable and consistent customer engagement.
Here are some tips that can help marketers to engage their Facebook fans.
Create Exclusive Content: I have often seen marketers delivering identical content on several…